Thursday, July 27, 2017

Boy Scouts apologize for inappropriate speech by Donald Trump.

Courtesy of CNN: 

An official with the Boy Scouts of America apologized to the scouting community on Thursday for the political content of President Donald Trump's speech at the National Scout Jamboree. "I want to extend my sincere apologies to those in our Scouting family who were offended by the political rhetoric that was inserted into the jamboree," said Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh. "That was never our intent." 

Speaking Monday before about 40,0000 scouts, Trump delivered a speech that would not have been out of place on his campaign or in his tweets.

He slammed the "fake news" media, promoted the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, boasted about his electoral night victory and called out the Washington "cesspool." 

"Who the Hell wants to speak about politics when I'm in front of the Boy Scouts," he said, continuing to speak about politics.

In his letter, Surbaugh said Trump's speech had "overshadowed" the rest of the jamboree and its focus on scouting. 

"These character-building experiences have not diminished in recent days at the jamboree -- Scouts have continued to trade patches, climb rock walls, and share stories about the day's adventures," he said. "But for our Scouting family at home not able to see these real moments of Scouting, we know the past few days have been overshadowed by the remarks offered by the President of the United States."

I have pretty much given up on the Boy Scouts since it started focusing more on evangelizing to a captive audience and less on identifying animal footprints and learning how to tie cool knots.

When I was a Scout in the early seventies my big complaint was that it was too militaristic for this budding peacenik,  but now we have to worry about kids being indoctrinated into a weird religious cult of being exposed to serial sexual deviant.

In response to Lisa Murkowski's no vote on Trumpcare, the Administration threatens Alaska. Update!

Courtesy of Alaska Dispatch: 

Early Wednesday, Trump took to Twitter to express displeasure with Murkowski's vote. By that afternoon, each of Alaska's two Republican senators had received a phone call from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke letting them know the vote had put Alaska's future with the administration in jeopardy. 

The response follows Trump's no-holds-barred style of governing, even when it comes to his own party. It is his first strike of retaliation against Murkowski, however, despite her tendency to stray from the party line and the president's priorities. 

Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan said the call from Zinke heralded a "troubling message." 

"I'm not going to go into the details, but I fear that the strong economic growth, pro-energy, pro-mining, pro-jobs and personnel from Alaska who are part of those policies are going to stop," Sullivan said. 

"I tried to push back on behalf of all Alaskans. … We're facing some difficult times and there's a lot of enthusiasm for the policies that Secretary Zinke and the president have been talking about with regard to our economy. But the message was pretty clear," Sullivan said. The Interior secretary also contacted Murkowski, he said.

Oh you fucking stepped in it now.

If Donald Trump thinks that he can make Alaskans turn on one of their own by threatening our economy he has another think coming.

We may not all agree with each other politically, but if an out of stater attacks one of our own, they are going to witness a circling of the wagons like they have never seen before.

We live in one of the harshest climates on the planet, and are constantly surrounded by predators that will kill us just as soon as look at us, so if that corpulent orange POS thinks that Alaskans cave to threats than he knows nothing about us as a people.

And by the way if Lisa Murkowski's no vote on Trumpcare keeps his administration from inflicting their economic plans on us, I might even erect a statue to her in my backyard.

The very LAST thing I want is for the guy who has almost as even more bankruptcies than ex-wives, to "help" Alaska economically.

Yes, yes I know, Lisa Murkowski is a political animal who probably made her decions based on careful political calculations, but at least she is actually one of us.

Dan Sullivan on the other hand is a carpetbagger bought and paid for by the Koch brothers who does not give a shit about Alaskans, and is only interested in furthering his own career and lining his own pockets.

So of COURSE he is going to vote along with Donald Trump and support Donald Trump policies.

Look if we get a good Democrat to run against her I will likely vote against her in the next election cycle, but if I have to choose sides between my Senator and that shitgibbon in the White House, I will stand with Lisa Murkowski every time.

Update: Lisa retaliates.
Have to remember that Lisa Murkowski learned at the feet of her father Frank, and a guy named Ted Stevens.

I was not a fan of either one, but when it came to playing political hardball those guys had very few equals.

Sarah Palin wants to subpoena close to two dozen New York Times reporters for her lawsuit.

Courtesy of the New York Post: 

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin plans to subpoena close to two dozen New York Times reporters, editors and other workers as part of her defamation lawsuit against the newspaper, it was revealed in court documents Wednesday.

In a motion arguing that the case be dismissed, lawyers for the New York Times complained that Palin’s legal team has served notice that she plans to subpoena “twenty-three non-party current and former Times reporters, editors and other employees – most of whom had nothing to do with the editorial at issue.” 

The subpoenas are part of Palin’s effort to obtain “documents that might reveal, among other things, their ‘negative feelings’ toward her,” The Times told the judge. 

Palin’s legal team also intends to ask the paper to produce “every internal communication it has had about her since 2011,” they said. 

The Times complained about Palin’s discovery requests in a Manhattan federal court filing reiterating its request to have Palin’s defamation lawsuit tossed.

Well this is clearly a fishing expedition.

My new theory is that somebody is bankrolling this lawsuit in the hopes of finding embarrassing information about these reporters in order to smear them and undermine their credibility.

And that sounds like something well heeled Trump supporters might be willing to invest in.

Boy no wonder Donald Trump loves Fox News.

Yeah, the reason that other news outlets are not reporting this is because IT DID NOT HAPPEN!

There is a reason that MSNBC is kicking Fox's ass, and it is sycophantic bullshit like this.

The facts are the Vladimir Putin HATED and FEARED Hillary Clinton, and he was determined to keep her out of the White House.

On the other hand Vladimir Putin loves easily manipulated conceited blowhards, so he did everything he could to help Donald Trump win the White House.

Remember the email that Donald Trump Jr. received before that infamous meeting with the Russian Lawyer said this: 

This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump.

So can somebody point out this negative information that the Russians spread about Donald Trump? 

I would surely love to read that.

Leading Psychiatry group give its members permission to publicly say that Donald Trump is a crazy person. Because...well Donald Trump is a crazy person.

Courtesy of Yahoo News:  

A leading psychiatry group has told its members they should not feel bound by a longstanding rule against commenting publicly on the mental state of public figures — even the president. 

The statement, an email this month from the executive committee of the American Psychoanalytic Association to its 3,500 members, represents the first significant crack in the profession’s decades-old united front aimed at preventing experts from discussing the psychiatric aspects of politicians’ behavior. It will likely make many of its members feel more comfortable speaking openly about President Trump’s mental health. 

The impetus for the email was “belief in the value of psychoanalytic knowledge in explaining human behavior,” said psychoanalytic association past president Dr. Prudence Gourguechon, a psychiatrist in Chicago. “We don’t want to prohibit our members from using their knowledge responsibly.” 

That responsibility is especially great today, she told STAT, “since Trump’s behavior is so different from anything we’ve seen before” in a commander in chief. 

An increasing number of psychologists and psychiatrists have denounced the restriction as a “gag rule” and flouted it, with some arguing they have a “duty to warn” the public about what they see as Trump’s narcissism, impulsivity, poor attention span, paranoia, and other traits that, they believe, impair his ability to lead.

As I have mentioned before I work in the mental health community, it is indeed frowned upon to just start calling people retard, crazy, or a psycho. Even IF those labels perfectly describe them.

However in all seriousness, Donald Trump is a crazy retarded psycho.

This is a guy who once pretended to be his own spokesperson.

He sits in trucks and does this.

THAT'S not normal.

He has the lowest approval ratings in the history of approval ratings, and he seriously seems to think that we should consider putting his giant head on Mt. Rushmore.

There are people currently in rubber rooms with less psychotic thinking than that. 

So yes, we need the psychiatric community to weigh in and explain why Trump does what he does, thinks what the thinks, and is potentially capable of doing or thinking next.

Okay I think we can all agree, the Girl Scouts are pretty awesome.

Courtesy of CNN Money: 

The organization on Tuesday announced it is adding 23 new badges related to science, technology, engineering, math and the outdoors. 

Girl Scouts can now earn badges through activities like programming robots, designing model race cars, writing code and going on environmentally conscious camping trips. 

The Girl Scouts of the USA, founded in 1912, has created badges with the help of organizations like, SciStarter, GoldieBlox and the Society of Women Engineers.

The new experiences are meant to address "the lack of exposure many girls have to STEM," Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo told CNN Tech in an email. 

The new STEM badges come a month after the organization added cybersecurity badges. Those badges will be available to girls in kindergarten through 12th grade over the next two years.

Gee support for young girls to pursue their interests in science and technology without all of that religious baggage that the Boy Scouts are burdened by.

And here we thought they were just a front for a cookie selling operation.

If there is any wish that unifies us all, this might be it.

Just imagine.

The guy is almost as cool as Barack Obama, without having that extra pigment which seemed to drive the racists nuts.

Young, liberal, good looking, and smart.

And what do we get?

Life's not fair.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

During Senate hearing Al Franken calls Donald Trump out for spreading Russian propaganda.

Courtesy of Raw Story:  

The Minnesota Democrat questioned FBI counterintelligence chief Bill Priestap and Justice Department national security official Adam Hickey about whether they had reason to doubt the intelligence assessment that Russia attempted to influence the election, and they agreed there was no evidence to question that finding. 

“Just last week, the newly minted White House communications chief Anthony Scaramucci appeared on CNN and said, quote, ‘Somebody said to me yesterday — I won’t tell you who — that if the Russians actually hacked this situation and spilled out those ­e-mails, you would have never seen it,’ Franken said.

As I mentioned yesterday Scaramucci identified that source as Donald Trump, and then of course the New York Times reported that Trump got that propaganda straight from Vladimir Putin. 

“The president of the United States is taking the word of Vladimir Putin over that of the U.S. intelligence agencies, which demonstrates a stunning lack of confidence in the men and women who put their lives on the line to keep us safe,” Franken said. “The president of the United States then goes on to repeat that Russian lie to the American press and to Mr. Scaramucci, effectively spreading Russia’s misinformation for them.”

Franken followed that up by  quoting from testimony by James Comey which stated that the Russian hacking was "unusually loud" as if they not only wanted to be identified as the hackers but that they wanted it to be reported in the media that they had successfully penetrated the American election process.

Both Priestap and Hickey agreed with that assessment.

So to be clear not only is Donald Trump spreading Russian propaganda, but it is propaganda which completely contradicts the findings of the FBI and other security agencies who state clearly that Russia was not even attempting to be sneaky.

And the fact that Donald Trump is a tool of the Kremlin is now part of the Senate record.

In case you missed it, yesterday Donald Trump brought up the idea that he might someday be on Mt. Rushmore while mocking the media that would report that he brought it up.

This is like a guy who stabs a homeless man if front of the police, and then bitches that they will probably arrest him for murder because that is what those stupid police always do.

By the way if you look at Trump's face you can see that he REALLY believes that he should be in contention for a place on Rushmore.

He only attempts to shape it as a joke in order to deflect criticism.

However I think we should all feel free to criticize and mock him mercilessly for this.

Trump's Energy Secretary, Rick Perry, falls victim to Russian pranksters.

Dammit! I thought these glasses made me too smart to fall for shit like that?
Courtesy of The Daily Beast:

Energy Secretary Rick Perry was duped by Russian pranksters in a phone call he believed was conducted with Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman. In the 22-minute phone call confirmed by an Energy Department spokesperson Tuesday, Perry discussed everything from the oil and gas industry to coal exports and Russian cyberhacking with a person he believed to be the Ukrainian PM, but who was actually a Russian comedian. At one point, the man claiming to be Hroisman announced that the Ukrainian president had personally developed a “new kind of fuel” made from alcohol and manure, the distribution of which Perry said he’d be willing to discuss at a later date. Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov, two Russian comedians known for similar prank calls, took credit for the stunt. Energy Department spokeswoman Shaylyn Hynes said Perry was “the latest target of two Russian pranksters” who often target “those who are supportive of an agenda that is not in line with their government’s.”

Nice explanation there Ms. Hynes, but we all know that the Trump Administration is not doing ANYTHING that is not in line with the Russian government.

Perry was pranked because simpletons are easy to take advantage of, and that is why we typically choose intelligent people to run the government.

I am sure that the first thought that went through most of your minds was that this seems eerily familiar, and you would be right.

Yet another bespectacled moron that pranksters found to be an easy target. 

Today's Trump Twitter tirade targets Lisa Murkowski, the transgendered, and the Acting FBI Director. Update!

Actually Murkowski sat down for an interview in which she explains why she voted against Trumpcare: 

"I voted no on the motion to proceed today because I didn't think that we were ready for the debate. And I have said pretty consistently that process really does matter, particularly when you're dealing with something that is as direct and personal as health care, something that has an impact on one-sixth of the nation's economy," Murkowski said in an interview Tuesday evening after the vote. "This is big, and then you throw in major Medicaid reform on top of that," she said. 

Murkowski argued that revisions to the Affordable Care Act, often called "Obamacare," are necessary, but that the Senate process has not been conducive to crafting good policy, "enduring policy." 

"And so my vote today was one that said, 'We're not ready to go to the floor to wrap this up,' " she said.

Of course Murkowski has been pilloried by many Republicans for her vote, both here at home and in Washington.

However there was one GOP Senator who was not disappointed: 

Of course, McCain came to a different conclusion, and flew in from Arizona just for the vote. A long, stitched-up gash covered one eye, and his complexion was pale, a man facing down potentially deadly brain cancer. 

"He did tell me, though … 'You did the right thing,' which made me feel good," Murkowski said of a conversation with the veteran senator right after the vote.

Trump also decided to go back on Obama's promise, and block transgendered folks from serving in the military.

According to Newsweek there are approximately 15,000 transgendered soldiers already serving this country's military, and that any medical costs have been greatly exaggerated by opponents.

Then a little later this morning Trump turned his attention back to Jeff Sessions and the Acting Director of the FBI.

It would appear that Trump is still pressuring Sessions to quit so he can replace him with an AG that will shut down the Russia investigation.

However Trump's charges that Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe's wife directly received money from Hillary Clinton, or that it would have influenced the investigation into Clinton's email server, is bullshit according to Newsweek.

This is every day now that we have to address the rantings of a mad man.

When will enough be enough?

Update: Here is what is behind Trump dumping on the transgendered military members.
"This forces Democrats in Rust Belt states like Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin to take complete ownership of this issue. How will the blue collar voters in these states respond when senators up for re-election in 2018 like Debbie Stabenow are forced to make their opposition to this a key plank of their campaigns?"  

Jesus Christ! They are using tactics from Karl Rove's playbook during the first George W. Bush campaign!

Alt-Right brags that Trump Administration is "giving them space to destroy."

Courtesy of Daily Kos.
Courtesy of Salon: 

“He’s going to give us space to destroy,” Michael Peinovich, the creator of The Right Stuff, an alt-right podcast network said during a Sunday guest appearance on “Fash the Nation,” the movement’s most popular web radio show.

“He’s going to give us space to operate, and frankly, it is space to destroy,” Peinovich continued. 

“Now is the time that we have to make hay while the sun shines . . . while these investigations of ‘domestic terrorist groups’ are not being funded by the government, they’re not being pushed by the Department of Homeland Security” argued one of the co-hosts of the program, an anonymous former Republican political staffer who calls himself Jazzhands McFeels. 

“We’d probably be facing fucking [racketeering] charges or some shit like that,” Peinovich said, discussing what he believed might have happened if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 presidential election. 

“We have to use these four years to grow into something that can’t be defeated,” Peinovich said, referring to possible future investigations of neo-fascist groups. 

Some parts of the Trump administration actively want to encourage the growth of the alt-right, the former Hill staffer “Jazzhands McFeels” said, claiming that Trump’s top strategist Steve Bannon secretly was trying to enable the fringe movement. 

“They kind of expect us to be doing this. I’m not saying he’s our guy, but they want — at least Bannon, I would think — wants us to be able to operate in that space. So we should and we are,” he said. 

Both podcasters’ statements were met with agreement by guest Richard Spencer, an alt-right editor who operates a series of niche web publications and conferences catering to self-styled racist intellectuals who has since tried to rebrand himself as more of an activist.

You might remember Richard Spencer as a big Trump supporter who claimed that Trump was a white nationalist, whether he admitted it or not.

Whether Trump is as big of a racist as this Alt-Right crowd or not, the fact that he refuses to recognize any terrorism that does not come with a brown face and an Islamic background means it is open season for these clowns.

And that is very dangerous indeed.

FBI wants Alaskans to be on the lookout for human traffickers. I know just where to start.

Courtesy of the Peninsula Clarion:

“Even though this may be something that you say you don’t have in your community, you do have it in your community,” Special Agent Jolene Goeden of the Federal Beureau of Investigation said to a crowded room of hospital staff, local police officers and emergency medical services personnel on Wednesday at the Central Peninsula Hospital. 

“Traffickers know that they can make a lot of money in Alaska. … Many of the traffickers that we’re working cases on, that we know about, they move around Alaska,” Goeden said. “They don’t just work in Anchorage. They’re going to send girls down here to the Kenai area.” 

And it’s not just traffickers from Alaska. Goeden said that during busier seasons, traffickers from the Lower 48 move to Alaska.

“We have a number of traffickers that bring girls up for the weekends or weeks in order to work during periods of times that they know it’s more lucrative … during PFD times or the summer months when they know there are more tourists here,” Goeden said. “Big supply and demand.”

Well I don't have any personal knowledge of any current human trafficking for the purposes of sex, but I certainly know in which direction I would direct the FBI.

Might want to start somewhere around here.

I've heard some stories.

Thanks to Donald Trump a growing number of scientists are now entering politics.

Courtesy of Politico:  

The lab-coat liberals are marching on Washington. 

Dismayed by President Donald Trump’s perceived hostility to climate science and other areas of research, a surge of scientists is entering the public arena and running for political office for the first time.

They represent an evolving brand of Democrat that has been gaining steam for months. What began with rogue Twitter accounts and protest marches has graduated into candidacies in House races in places as varied as California, Texas, Pennsylvania and New York. 

The handful of scientists who have formally announced their candidacies so far — and the others who are preparing to join them — have cast themselves as a counterforce to the Trump administration’s dismissal of climate science and de-prioritization of innovation funding.

Well that ought to make the debates over climate change more interesting on the House floor.

What's more Trump's election has also inspired a rather large number of women to also enter politics.

I guess this can be seen as a sort of accidental positive side effect of Trump winning the presidency.

And at this point I will take any positive news that I can find.