Sunday, November 19, 2017

Donald Trump suggests that an American basketball player should have remained in a Chinese jail because his father did not adequately kiss his ass.

So as you all probably heard these three UCLA basketball players got busted in China for shoplifting and spent some time in jail over there.

Eventually they were released and Donald Trump wanted to make sure that everybody knew that he was the one that made that happen.

So gracious, don't you think?

Anyhow one of the player's dads was interviewed about the incident yesterday, and he clearly is not a Trump fan.

Courtesy of ESPN: 

LaVar Ball downplayed his son's shoplifting incident in China, as well as President Donald Trump's involvement in getting LiAngelo Ball and two other UCLA basketball players back to the United States earlier this week. 

"Who?" LaVar Ball told ESPN on Friday, when asked about Trump's involvement in the matter. "What was he over there for? Don't tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out."

Now that may seem a little ungrateful since Trump DID intervene on the player's behalf with Chinese president Xi Jinping, though the Chinese themselves suggested that the players were going to be released anyhow.

Courtesy of WaPo:

For their part, the Chinese government wasn’t eager to say that Xi had followed through on Trump’s request to intervene. 

“I am not aware of the details, but I believe the Chinese police would have handled the case in strict accordance with the law,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said at a news conference Wednesday, when asked if Xi had intervened.

Whoever is actually responsible for getting the players released is almost beside the point, because the real news is how Trump responded to not being given the credit.

Now keep in mind that the young man, LiAngelo Ball, already personally thanked Trump during a press conference for helping get him out, but now that his father refuses to do the same, Trump is actually suggesting that should have left the players to rot in a Chinese prison.

Damn! That is the very definition of thin skinned.

Trump does not seem to have any understanding of what is means to be a public servant and to do selfless things for his constituents.

Instead he demands that everybody applaud every simple fucking thing that he does, as if he is a one year old who successfully made his first boom boom in the big toilet. 

Eric Trump calls the Russia investigation a "sham" and then bitches that nobody is investigating Hillary Clinton over the Uranium One conspiracy theory.

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

During an interview that aired on Fox News on Sunday, host Maria Bartiromo noted that Donald Trump Jr. had become a target of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. 

For his part, Eric Trump insisted that he had not been interviewed by Mueller. 

“The Russia thing is a total sham!” he exclaimed. “It’s total nonsense. There is zero collusion with Russia.” 

Eric Trump then quickly pivoted to the dubious Uranium One case against Clinton. 

“To me, it’s such a travesty that that’s not being investigated because there is something there and it smells and it looks horrible,” he opined. “It’s horrible what happened and you see all the other bad facts. And you at least know the 33,000 emails and every thing else, the fact that they will look into nonsense, something that didn’t happen, and that they will go on tangents for weeks and weeks about nonsense emails [between the Trump campaign and Wikileaks] and other things, but they won’t look into hardcore facts.” 

“It’s really a travesty,” he repeated. “It’s unfair to this nation.” 

“As an American citizen,” Eric Trump said that he “hoped there would be” an investigation into Clinton.

Boy I know you did buddy.

That is why virtually every single person associated with the Trump campaign seemed to be trying to get Russia and Wikileaks to surrender those non-existent Hillary Clinton emails.

By the way does anybody remember when we thought that Maria Bartiromo was an actual journalist?

Recently she claimed, with a straight face, that there were no allegations against Donald Trump. 

It's like these people have to put their integrity and journalistic ethics in a lock box before working for Fox News.

As for this Uranium One story that has already been debunked by essentially EVERYONE. But since Eric and his family only watch Fox News here is Shep Smith driving a stake through its heart for the kill.

A Russian oligarch's yacht is anchored less than ten miles away from Mar-a-Lago right before Doanld Trump arrives for Thanksgiving. Coincidence?

Roman Abramovich
Courtesy of The Hill:

A prominent Russian oligarch with ties to President Vladimir Putin has docked his 500-foot yacht in the Port of Palm Beach just days before President Trump makes his way to Mar-a-Lago. 

Roman Abramovich docked his yacht, which is estimated to be worth between $400 and $500 million, at the port on Friday afternoon, and is expected to stay until Dec. 5, according to The Palm Beach Post. 

Abramovich's arrival comes days before Trump is set to arrive at his Florida resort, dubbed the Winter White House, for the Thanksgiving holiday. There have not been reports or signs that the two are meeting. 

Abramovich owns London’s Chelsea Football Club and is the largest shareholder of Russia's second largest steel company. He is reportedly close with the Russian president. 

First daughter Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have met with Abramovich and his wife before. 

I don't know about reporters in Florida, but if that were MY beat you can bet your ass I would be camped out at that port for the entire holiday weekend just waiting for the meeting that we just know is certainly going to take place.

You know one of the things that is so galling about all of this is how careless these people have been, and yet they are still afforded the benefit of the doubt by some folks in the media, and of course by virtually all conservatives.

Let's face it at this point they are just rubbing our faces in their obvious collusion.

You know there was somebody with a history of being a little sexually inappropriate onstage, and that's Leann Tweeden.

This is during the same show where Tweeden accused Al Franken of sexually assaulting her.


Here she is onstage with the great Robin Williams.
Look putting on a performance with fellow actors, musicians, and comedians can be a very touchy feely situation, and typically folks are more or less okay with it.

But to accuse a fellow performer of assaulting you, when THIS is your typical behavior seems very hypocritical to me.
Also keep in mind that Roger Stone predicted that Franken was about to face his own sexual harassment charges as did this "reporter" from Info Wars.

That was at least two days before Tweeden made her allegations.

Somebody found actual footge of the USO show so that you can judge how sexually harassed Tweeden appeared on stage. Women should be believed, they should.

But should ALL women be believed, EVERY time?

I am not so sure that is a good policy.

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake caught on a hot mic admitting that the Republican party is "toast."

Courtesy of ABC News:

Flake, R-Ariz., was at a tax reform event in Mesa, Arizona on Friday night when he was caught bashing the president in a conversation with friend, Mesa Mayor John Giles. 

"If we become the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast," Flake was caught saying by ABC affiliate KNXV.

Well, he's not wrong. 

The Jehovah Witnesses would rather pay a fine of $4,000 a day rather than turn over documents about sexual abuse within the church.

Courtesy of The Week:

The Jehovah's Witnesses have refused to turn over secret documents regarding alleged child sex abuse. And it's getting very, very costly. 

A new report from Reveal details how the religion has been mandated to pay $4,000 for every day it doesn't release the documents. So far, the tab has reached $2 million. 

It all stems from a court case in which a former Jehovah's Witness and sexual abuse victim sued the religion for not warning congregants they were practicing alongside a confessed child sexual abuser. The accused, Gonzalo Campos, has admitted to abusing children. But the religion's headquarters knew of his conviction and didn't tell the congregation, court documents show. 

Reveal has obtained internal Jehovah's Witness documents that suggest this case is part of a much larger cover-up. One of the documents, for example, claims religious elders have been told to keep child abuse allegations a secret since at least 1989.

Okay if you are willing to pay over 2 million dollars in fines rather than reveal documents about sexual abuse that clearly means that there is rampant sexual abuse in this church. 

I have long heard that there is an epidemic of sexual abuse within the Jehovah's Witnesses and this certainly lends credibility to those claims.

Ohio "family values" lawmaker resigns after engaging in "inappropriate conduct" with another man.

Rep. Wes Goodman
Courtesy of Yahoo News: 

An Ohio lawmaker known for his devotion to “family values” has stepped down after allegedly engaging in “inappropriate conduct with another man” in his office. 

State Rep. Wes Goodman (R-Cardington) resigned Tuesday after a witness reported the incident to Ohio House chief of staff Mike Dittoe, according to the Columbus Dispatch. Specifics of the alleged incident are unclear. 

House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) said he met with Goodman on Tuesday, and that the lawmaker “acknowledged and confirmed the allegations.” 

“I was alerted to details yesterday afternoon regarding his involvement in inappropriate behavior related to his state office,” Rosenberger said Wednesday. “It became clear that his resignation was the most appropriate course of action for him, his family, the constituents of the 87th House District and this institution.” 

Nothing wrong with being gay, nor necessarily anything wrong with a little hanky panky at the office  (I've certainly done my share.), however when you run as a "family values" candidate you simply cannot let your man parts touch another man's parts.

Hell if he had only molested underage girls or raped grown women apparently the fundamentalists would have given this guy a pass.

But simply put the "gay stuff" just freaks them out.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hillary Clinton "goes there."

Courtesy of Mother Jones:  

A year after her defeat by Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton says “there are lots of questions about its legitimacy” due to Russian interference and widespread voter suppression efforts. 

In an interview with Mother Jones in downtown Manhattan, Clinton said Russian meddling in the election “was one of the major contributors to the outcome.” The Russians used “weaponized false information,” she said, in “a very successful disinformation campaign” that “wasn’t just influencing voters—it was determining the outcome.” 

Republican efforts to make it harder to vote—through measures such as voter ID laws, shortened early voting periods, and new obstacles to registration—likewise “contributed to the outcome,” Clinton said. These moves received far less attention than Russian interference but arguably had a more demonstrable impact on the election result. According to an MIT study, more than 1 million people did not vote in 2016 because they encountered problems registering or at the polls. Clinton lost the election by a total of 78,000 votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. 

“In a couple of places, most notably Wisconsin, I think it had a dramatic impact on the outcome,” Clinton said of voter suppression.


It is almost impossible at this point to suggest that the outcome of the 2016 election was completely legitimate. And the more we learn, the more that is reinforced. 

I had to laugh out loud when somebody suggested that Donna Brazile's book was going to reveal the truth about Russia's attack on our democracy.

If you really want to know what happened, and how it affected the outcome, the book you need to read is Hillary's.

She was on the front line, and she was the one sifting through every bit of evidence presented during the campaign, and since the election.

In my opinion that was the most fascinating, and informative part of her book.

By the way this interview seems to have really pissed off Putin's puppet.

Keep talking shitgibbon, keep talking.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders literally suggests that the Al Franken accusation should be taken more seriously because he confessed to wrongdoing, while Donald Trump did not.

Courtesy of Think Progress: 

During Friday’s White House Press Briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders fielded questions about President Trump’s Thursday night tweets calling for an investigation of Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) in response to accusations of sexual assault. Sanders rejected any suggestion that Trump should likewise be investigated for any of the accusations made against him. 

“This was covered extensively during the campaign,” she said. “We addressed it then. The American people spoke very loud and clear when they elected this president.” 

When asked to clarify how Trump and Franken were any different, Sanders responded, “I think in one case specifically, Senator Franken has admitted wrongdoing. The president hasn’t. It a very clear distinction.”

So in Trumpland taking some responsibility for your actions toward one accuser makes you MORE guilty than the guy facing more than a dozen accusations who does not?


And while we are on this topic let me share this tweet with you of the actual rehearsal that Leann Tweeden claims was the setting for her "assault."
That is a script clutched in Tweeden's hand so this is definitely the rehearsal.

Here is a wider shot.
In her accusation Tweeden said that Franken, "came at me, put his hand on the back of my head, mashed his lips against mine and aggressively stuck his tongue in my mouth." 

Now I don't want to call this young woman a liar, but this does not really seem to back up her accusation.

Here's a fact that I am certain I have never shared with you all before.

I attended college with my girlfriend who happened to be the star of every play, musical, and performance at our high school.

She wanted us to have at least a few classes together, so she insisted that I take an acting class with her. (I was not thrilled at first, but it was fun.)

Of course we performed together, and in one of the performances it called for a kiss.

I was thrilled, because kissing her was what I wanted to spend every waking hour doing anyhow.

Both she and the acting teacher informed me that for our performance we would be expected to do a "stage kiss" instead. That is when you kiss next to, but not on, each other's mouth. And then you exaggerate it so that it seems more passionate to an audience sitting in an auditorium or theater.

It seemed silly to me, but that is what we did.

And that is what it appears is happening in this picture.

The whole dramatic clutch, and bending over of the female, is meant to show a passionate kiss to the back row of a theater, even though in reality your lips are nowhere near touching.

Now I am still willing to say that this picture was in bad taste, and that Franken needed to apologize for it.

However for the rest of it I am waiting to see what an ethics investigation shows before I pass any judgement.

Right now in my opinion Al Franken is a bigger man for taking responsibility to what he did than Donald Trump or Roy Moore could ever hope be.

Robert Mueller issues subpoena for Russia related documents from Trump campaign.

Did that surprise you? Good.
Courtesy of NBC News: 

Special counsel Robert Mueller's team has issued a subpoena to the Trump campaign asking multiple campaign officials to produce Russia-related documents, according to a source with first-hand knowledge of the matter. 

The subpoena was first reported by The Wall Street Journal, which also said that the subpoena does not compel testimony by any of the officials. 

The source said the campaign has already turned over some 20,000 documents voluntarily, so it’s not clear why the subpoena was issued. A subpoena ratchets up the stakes for noncompliance.

The Journal reported that the Trump campaign had been caught by surprise by the subpoena.

I don't know about all of you, but I get a kind of thrill when I read that something Robert Mueller did caught the Trump White House of campaign "by surprise."

That just means that Mueller is keeping them off balance and on the defensive, and THAT is when people make mistakes.

As for why Mueller decided to issue these subpoenas, well that might have a little something to do with the fact that they discovered that Jared Kushner was holding out on them.

In other Trump/Russia collusion news it appears that the Trump Organization may have been using at least one of its hotels in Panama to launder Russian and mafia money.

Courtesy of the Daily Beast:  

A Panama City condo high-rise development that carried the Trump Organization’s marketing imprimatur in the late 2000s was “riddled” with drug traffickers and international mafia figures, beset with dubious sales, and became, as one financial-crimes investigator called it, a “a vehicle for money laundering.” A joint NBC News and Reuters investigation, along with a report issued by anti-corruption watchdog Global Watch, says transactions at the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower served as a laundering operation for Colombian cartel proceeds and Russian human traffickers, and Trump Organization officials did little if anything to question where the money was coming from. One key broker, Alexandre Henrique Ventura Nogueira—now a fugitive in Europe—told interviewers that President Trump and his adult children were directly involved in the marketing, management, and even the design of the skyscraper, which opened in 2011. Ventura Nogueira said he had at least 10 direct meetings with Ivanka Trump about the sales. Ivanka Trump didn’t respond to requests for comment. The White House referred questions to the Trump Organization, who legal counsel denied involvement in sales: “No one at the Trump Organization, including the Trump family, has any recollection of ever meeting or speaking with this individual.”

Of course they don't. Right up until the Mueller team discovers an email or document which proves they actually did speak or meet up with this individual. 

Tick tock.

81 year old man shows off the gun he carries in case of a church shooting, accidentally fires it wounding both him and his wife.

Courtesy of WaPo: 

About 20 elderly people sat down for an early Thanksgiving meal Thursday at a church in East Tennessee, unaware that the pleasant afternoon would take a grim turn. 

During their meal, they decided to discuss gun safety in light of recent mass shootings — an idea that came to them after a neighboring county’s sheriff’s department chose to hold similar seminars at its local churches, said Tellico Plains Police Chief Russ Parks. 

“Well, I’ve got my gun on me,” an 81-year-old member of First United Methodist Church in Tellico Plains said, according to Parks, whose department investigated the incident. He pulled out his holster, which held a .38-caliber Ruger handgun. He removed the magazine, cleared the chamber and showed the gun to the other parishioners. They talked about how to safely bring guns to church — and how sad it was that so many people nationwide had been killed in recent mass shootings. Earlier this month, a gunman killed 26 people when he opened fire with an assault-style gun during Sunday service at a small Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Tex.

The 81-year-old man put the magazine back into the gun and put the gun back in the holster, Parks said. Later, while people were cleaning up, a church member who had missed the demonstration asked to see the weapon. 

Just as he was about to show it to the church member, the man accidentally pulled the trigger without realizing the gun was loaded. 

A bullet fired across the palm of the 81-year-old’s hand and toward his 80-year-old wife, who was sitting in a wheelchair next to him. It ripped through her lower left abdomen, out the right side of her abdomen, into her right forearm and out the backside of her forearm. The bullet then struck the wall and ricocheted, landing under the wife’s wheelchair, Parks said.

This of course is the kind of thing that I have predicted would happen if more people start carrying guns into churches, theaters, malls, and public schools.

But that does not make me any more intelligent than the guy who predicts that if you stand in the rain you are likely to get wet.

It is just common sense.

More guns, simply means more shootings.

People seem to think that guns work like crucifixes do in the movies to ward off vampires, in that simply wearing one keeps you safe from attack.

But that is not the case. If you have a gun on your person you are endangering everybody in your vicinity.

However, this being Tennessee, I doubt that is the lesson these people will learn from this.

I imagine that next you will see this man's wife strapped with a holster so that she can return fire if her husband "accidentally" shoots at her again.

If we are fairly going to hold all these powerful men responsible for their inappropriate actions toward women we simply cannot allow one of the most prolific abusers to skate free.

Courtesy of Raw Story:

“As a society, we are finally beginning to hold powerful men to account for abusing their positions and influence to harass and abuse women. But this movement for accountability will ring hollow if it doesn’t apply to the most powerful, and public, sexual harasser in America—the president,” Brave New Films founder Robert Greenwald notes in a statement. 

“In the post-Harvey Weinstein (or Roy Moore, Louis C.K., etc.) world we live in, we cannot ignore 16 women who over the course of decades in a broad range of situations encountered the same pattern of manipulation, misogyny, harassment and abuse,” Greenwald adds. 

“We owe it to these women, and to all women, to hold President Trump to account.”

It is way past time that this serial abuser suffers the consequences of his actions.

And if his office makes him untouchable at this time, then he needs to be removed from that office and stripped of the protections currently afforded to him so that he can face justice.

As long as Donald Trump remains in the White House he is a symbol to rapists, pedophiles, and sexual abusers that they do not have to fear being held accountable for their actions.

Update: Here is a timeline of every woman who accused Trump of groping or assaulting them. 

Troll talks about work he did for Russian troll farm in 2016.

Courtesy of NBC News:  

In many ways, the IRA was like a normal IT facility, Bespalov told NBC News in an exclusive broadcast interview. There were day shifts and night shifts, a cafeteria, and workers were seated at computers in a large open floor plan. 

But in the squat, four-story concrete building on Savushkina Street in St. Petersburg, secured by camouflaged guards and turnstiles, bloggers and former journalists worked around the clock to create thousands of incendiary social media posts and news articles to meet specific quotas.

The work was all "Lies... a merry-go-round of lies," Bespalov said. "When you get on the carousel, you do not know who is behind you and neither you are aware of who is in front of you — but all of you are running around within the same circle," he said.

Bespalov told NBC News he "absolutely" believes the agency is connected to the Kremlin — a notion backed up by the U.S. intelligence community, which noted that a "close Putin ally with ties to Russian intelligence" is the "likely financier" of the agency.

Bespalov described how his own work centered on discrediting Ukraine, but that others in the building focused solely on the U.S. 

Workers in the “American department” were paid the equivalent of between $1,300 to $2,000 a month for sparking social media uproar. Entry level trolls got only about $1,000 a month with paid bonuses.

This was no part time job for these people, undermining our Democracy and spreading falsehoods on the internet was their full time occupation.

And it was directed and funded by the Russian government. 

Any attempts by Donald Trump to suggest that we need to move past this, are complete bullshit, and offers proof that he is compromised by Vladimir Putin.

Former Russian Ambassador to the United States refuses to name all of the Trump Administration officials he met, because it would "take too long."

Actually a list like that might prove helpful.

To Robert Mueller.